loose cartridge go off in his pocket

Did This Shooter Really Have a Loose Cartridge Go Off in His Pocket?

Is it possible for a bullet to go off in your pocket?

That is exactly what's said to have happened in this shocking video. Here's the video:

This video, shared on Facebook by Caliber Cache, has ignited some serious debate. While this shooter is engaging targets, his left cargo shorts pocket moves. In these images below are what is described as a loose live cartridge that went off in his pocket. First we have the ruptured casing and the actual projectile recovered.

This second image is of the shorts pocket that was shredded in the blast.

What actually happened? Well, many comments on Facebook have been on the order of a ricochet hitting his pocket, which then set off the cartridge. Other comments suggest it indeed was a detonation that could have been caused by an e-cigarette or other loose items coming into contact with the primer.

What is the reality of the incident caught on video? Well we will leave that up to you to decide.