man hits loaded cartridge with hammer

Absolute Brilliance: Man Hits Live Cartridge with Hammer and Shoots Himself

Would you hit a live cartridge with a hammer?

Thought not. But that is exactly what this guy did, and obviously, he wounded himself.

Hear the story of the man who hit a loaded cartridge with a hammer.

Well, the story goes, this guy is cutting weeds around a rock and finds a loaded cartridge. He has three children and does not want it around the kids... so, what does he do next?

He grabbed a hammer and hit the live cartridge while it was on a rock. This, of course, sets off the cartridge that promptly fires the bullet into his stomach knocking him off his feet. He survived to be interviewed buy a news crew and then shared on Facebook by Everyday No Days Off - Gun Blog. He is now famous.

He said he didn't know it would go off. He just wanted to smash it with a hammer. Sounds like common sense, right?