Diapers for Cats: Disposable and Reusable Options for Felines

When searching for cat diapers, you'll find disposable diapers and washable options. Similar to dog diapers but extra small, pet diapers are often medically necessary and provide a simple solution to leakage and poop from elderly cats who suffer from urinary incontinence and other health issues.

Before you begin shopping for high-quality disposable pads or breathable, absorbent pads, you should take your pet to the vet to check for underlying health problems that might be causing uncontrollable peeing.

Often a cat just doesn't like its litter box or cat litter, or has a potentially serious urinary tract infection. Although it may seem like you can use a baby diaper to provide layers of protection for your kitten or senior cat, proper fit will ensure comfort around your cat's hind legs and the cat's tail.

The following best cat diapers on Amazon include washable diapers that are suitable for female and male cats and small female dogs, as well. We found super absorbent options with comfortable velcro closures that will provide hours of leak-proof comfort for your furry feline friend with special needs.

Different Types of Diapers for Cats

1. Planet Urine Disposable Dog Diapers and Cat Diapers, for Potty Training and Incontinence Issues, 10 Count

Whether it's an adult cat or a tiny, tiny kitten, these disposable diapers have simple, residue-free fasteners and a tail hole for female cats during menstruation, heat, or ease of clean up if you're dealing with incontinence.

2. Pack of 3 Female Dog Diapers Cat Waterproof Leak Proof Washable Panties Reusable for Small Medium and Large Pets

If you want a washable cat diaper, these adorable cloth options provide the best comfort fit around the tail opening and hind legs. Complete with a hook and loop fastener, pet parents can use these diapers again and again as needed.

3. Pet Soft Doggie Diapers Female - Disposable Dog Diapers for Girl Puppy Dogs Cats

Who says a cat diaper can't be cute? These cowboy jean print disposable nappies will ensure your cat looks stylish even when she's not feeling her best. They're super absorbent and have an easy velcro closure, making the process of changing her diaper a breeze.

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