DHL and Nvidia Want to Self-Drive Your Packages by 2018

What company will be the first to bring you a package in a self-driven car?

In early October, Nvidia, DHL, and auto supplier ZF announced a partnership to develop a fleet of autonomous delivery trucks and put it on the roads by next year.

At the GPU Technology Conference in Munich, Germany, Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang laid out his vision and unveiled its prototype vehicle. It will comprise of a fleet of StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles equipped with ZF's ProAi self-driving system, a LiDAR system that feeds data into Nvidia's Drive PX software, which analyzes and interprets the data to update a high definition 3D map continually.

Nvidia and DHL's solution will automate the entire package transportation delivery cycle up to the "last mile" which has long been considered the most challenging part.

At the moment, DHL's fleet comprises of 3,400 StreetScooters, all Drive PX compatible.

"The development of autonomous delivery vehicles demonstrates how AI and deep learning are also reshaping the commercial transportation industry," said Huang. "As online shopping continues to explode, and the shortage of truck drivers becomes more dire, AI-enabled vehicles will be key to providing last-mile delivery services."