This Colorado Dog’s Inspiring Story Has Made Him a Local Celebrity

Lots of dogs have human behaviors. Some pooches sleep on their owners' beds, others sport accessories and clothing, and—let's be honest—most enjoy human food from time to time! But Dexter the Brittany spaniel takes it to the next level. That's right: this Colorado pooch actually walks like a human.

Dexter's unique way of getting around isn't just an impressive trick, but an adaptation he made after a life-threatening accident. When he was a puppy, he was hit by a car after escaping from his yard and running into traffic. He lost one front leg and severely injured the other. His owner, Kentee Pasek, says she was told he would need assistive equipment for the rest of his life. "The beginning part of the journey with Dexter was not easy at all. Dexter was the one who kept pushing, smiling and going," Pasek tells


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One day, Dexter was at the bottom of his porch without his wheelchair when Pasek ran inside to grab her coffee. When she returned, not only was Dexter in a different location, but he had climbed the stairs. She was dumbfounded until she set him at the foot of the porch again and witnessed him walk up the steps with two feet.


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Pasek has shared Dexter's inspiring story on social media, where he has developed an adoring audience of over 1 million combined followers across multiple platforms. While the bipedal pooch is an online star, he's also an IRL celebrity in his hometown of Ouray. Onlookers can't help but smile when they see the fluffy pedestrian striding down the street. Can you blame them?

Dexter doesn't exclusively walk upright, and moves around in a range of different ways including using all three legs and even hopping. His walking style is vet-approved and he attends frequent checkups to make sure his joints and hips are healthy.


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"He has taught us adapting is easier than we think it might be," Pasek says of her remarkable dog. "Dexter's attitude, joy of life, and unbreakable spirit is truly inspiring to live with."

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