Deer Struggle Through Florence Floodwaters in Background of News Report

The hurricane was rough on everyone, including these deer who worked their way through the background of a Global News report.

When Hurricane Florence hit land last week, much of the East Coast was on high alert. The majority of the damage came, as expected, in the form of strong winds and heavy rain. The rain was so heavy that almost instantaneous flooding occurred, catching the unprepared populations of the Carolinas off guard.

Unfortunately, wildlife is included in that group. Though outdoorsmen will tell you animals have a knack for knowing when weather shifts are about to happen, there's not much to do in the way of preparation other than heading for higher ground.

This small herd of deer trudged through the floods at the exact moment a Global News reporter was setting up for a shot. Lo and behold, they quickly became the most interesting part of the report.

It's easy to forget how much a hurricane can change someone's life, and we don't, in any way, mean to belittle the struggles experienced by the human population that faced Florence. Natural disasters happen, and there's only so much you can do to prepare and recover.

At the same time, it's sort of heartbreaking to think about all the deer and other wildlife in the area that probably didn't make it out of the storm.

We realize that, in the big scheme of things, a small herd of deer isn't the biggest thing to worry about in the aftermath of a big storm. But when deer that could have likely been in the crosshairs of a hunter's bow or gun when the season starts have this sort of thing to deal with, you can't help but stop and wonder.