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Deer Stops into a Wisconsin Grocery Store

grocery store

Sometimes you have to make a stop at the grocery store.

Seems that’s true for deer, too. July 10, a deer decided it needed to make a stop at a Wisconsin grocery store.

The deer, a fawn, walked into the Festival Foods store in Darboy.

It was a little startled by the automatic doors at first, but then it walked right in.

You can see in the video that the fawn passes employees and other customers like it was on a mission.

It must have ran out of booze, because it headed for the wine and spirits section of the grocery store.

Fortunately, employees and customers were able to coax it out of an emergency exit.

Good thing, too. The fawn probably didn’t see the sign on the doors that the stored IDs those who look to be under 30.

The spots were a dead giveaway to its youth. And, it had no pockets for ID.


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Deer Stops into a Wisconsin Grocery Store