The 10 Freakiest Deer Racks Your Spouse Would Never Let You Hang on the Wall

Deer can grow the most beautiful and awe-inspiring antlers ever seen. However, sometimes things go awry and they end up down-right freaky.

Antler growth can be affected by everything from an injury to poor nutrition. Oftentimes, deer grown for high-fence hunting can grow a gigantic mass of bone on their heads due to certain management practices.

We have purposely attempted to steer away from monstrosities in captivity and concentrated on natural freaks.

1. Unicorns do exist!

This unicorn deer was killed in Texas.

2. Just a Little Freak

Sometimes it doesn't take much to get into the "freak" category, but this guy managed to do it.

3. Mr. Velvet

Taken in Oklahoma, this deer really has a great mass of freakiness and keeps it covered in velvet.

4. Bubbles

This little fella was caught on a trail camera. You never know what you'll see when you scan the SD card.

5. Ugly

There's not much you can say for this guy. Notice his neck has been rubbed raw by the backward antler.

6. Broken Beam

This guy had a beam get broken somehow, but retained enough blood flow for it to continue to grow and harden off.

7. Brillo

This deer become known as Brillo in the Idaho community where he lived. It had a mass of bone that never left velvet due to an accident of some kind.

8. Don King

If Don King was a deer, this would be him. But the freakiness doesn't end with his antlers-he was also a hermaphrodite.

9. Sucking His Antler

I've heard of kids that can't seem to stop sucking their thumbs, but this buck takes it to the extreme.

10. Hannibal Lector

Another in the series of famous movie deer. He was taken in North Dakota.

Numerous deer are taken every year that could make it into the "Book of Freak Records."

Whatever the reason that causes it, if you hunt long enough you'll no doubt take one some day.

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