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Is a Selfie More Dangerous Than a Shark? The Numbers Argue Yes

Is the selfie a form of natural selection?

According to figures gathered by Mashable (and spread through the Internet like wildfire), selfies have been responsible for more human deaths this year than sharks.

Are our smart phones helping to determine the ones that need to be exterminated in order to protect the race?

Whether nature is using technology to weed out the gene pool remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that the human need to frame our faces everywhere on earth is causing more deaths than sharks.

Selfie - Bulls
Via Alphr

So, how does a person manage to kill themselves by taking a selfie? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. In fact, most just stumble into it.

A perfect example is of the 66-year-old Japanese tourist that fell to his death while trying to take a selfie in the Taj Mahal. According to the NY Daily News, he stumbled down a staircase.

Selfie - multi

2015 has seen more deaths by selfie than any year before. So far, 12 people have met their demise through the use of a smart phone to take their own photograph.

And what about sharks?

Selfie - shark

Shark deaths have totaled a mere eight in 2015. While these attacks tend to get more media attention, they are less common. Keep in mind, these numbers only represent deaths and do not include injuries sustained during these “activities.”

There is of course always someone that isn’t satisfied in being mentioned in only one category.

Pete Wentz will go down in history as a member of three categories. He became famous as the first death by both selfie and shark.

selfie - shark man
Via Gawker Media

However, he is also a member of the “death hoax” club. Though his story was completely fake, there are many more out there that aren’t.

More and more people are getting injured or worse because of their focus on their phones than on their surroundings.

Sure there’s a strong desire (and now pressure) these days to snap a photo to share on social media and prove you accomplished something or made it somewhere.

But let this be a warning: apparently a selfie stands more of a chance of ruining your day, and maybe even your life, than something as terrifying as a shark attack.

Who’d have thought?

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Is a Selfie More Dangerous Than a Shark? The Numbers Argue Yes