Deer McDonald's
Screenshot: WNCN

Deer Mows Man Down in North Carolina McDonald's Parking Lot

The last thing you expect at McDonald's is getting run over by a deer!

There are plenty of things to expect when you visit a McDonald's. Cheap, greasy fast food that probably isn't good for you. Slow service and a packed restaurant.

What you probably don't expect is to get run over by a deer while walking back to your car.

That's just what happened to Ken Worthy recently as he left the McDonald's in Locust, North Carolina. It was all caught on the store's surveillance camera. Check out the video below.

This video instantly went viral across the Internet as countless news stations picked up on the bizarre story back in late January. Worthy later told WSOCTV News that he didn't see the wayward buck until it was too late.

"It was just a bit of brown, and then I saw his face, I was down on the ground that quick," Worthy told the station.

He was uninjured in the incident and somehow even managed to not lose the drink he was holding.

"There's important things in your life and Diet Coke is one of them," he told the station.

WCNC News reported that some locals weren't completely surprised by the crazy video because of the number of deer milling around.

"It's uncommon to see someone get run over by a deer yes, but deer out here are not uncommon," local resident Chris McGhee told the station. "You got acres of land out here and there is just a lot of them."

Strangely enough, this type of occurrence isn't entirely uncommon. There are plenty of videos all over the internet of wayward, scared deer suddenly plowing over innocent bystanders.

Remember that deer have very sharp hooves. Some people have been seriously cut or injured in these incidents in the past.

Thankfully in this incident, no one got hurt, including the deer and now everyone can laugh at the crazy video.

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