Deer in a Store
YouTube: Mlive

Deer Beds Down in Mobility Cart Store as If He Needs One to Get Around

This button buck seemed to know he was trapped the moment he got inside this Michigan store.

An employee of a Saginaw, Michigan store that sells mobility devices got a surprise visitor recently. It was a young button buck and the whole thing was caught on the store's surveillance camera. reports the first employee to the store on March 9 thought a burglary had taken place because of broken glass.

Bridgeport Police arrived on the scene and arrived to find who the real surprise intruder was at Amigo Mobility International was.

"They (the officers) walked by and saw the deer and came out laughing," said Jennifer Thieme-Kehres, the store's director of business development.

The officers were probably relieved they didn't have to deal with a human intruder into the business. The security camera footage of the showroom shows the young buck running back and forth and glancing out the front doors, which were locked. Eventually, the deer seems to accept that he is trapped and beds down on the cold floor next to an Amigo cart until the officers arrived.

Amazingly, even though the deer ran all over the store and eventually the facility's production floor as the officers helped guide it to an exit, there was no damage other than the broken window it entered through.

"It's a happy ending that the deer was fine," Thieme-Kehres told the publication.

We see a ton of deer-in-a-building videos here at Wide Open Spaces. This was the first where we've seen the animal stay so calm and collected after ending up somewhere it isn't supposed to be. It helped this little guy escape serious injury.

The buck fled to a nearby cornfield and back into the wild after officers guided it out an open door. Hopefully that's the last time this deer ever goes shopping!

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