'Deadliest Catch' Star Jake Anderson Opens Up About Losing Everything Ahead Of Season 20
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'Deadliest Catch' Star Jake Anderson Opens Up About Losing Everything Ahead Of Season 20

One Deadliest Catch star hit rock bottom prior to the start of Season 20. In a lot of respects, Jake Anderson is having to start over. He no longer has his boat. He is returning to F/V/ Northwestern after losing his boat  F/V Saga to repossession.

Speaking with TV Insider, he said, "With the boat, I found out on a Friday in August. Everything was situated to go red crab fishing. Then September 1, things started to look dark. Just before I was getting to go red crab fishing, I found out my partner, with all due respect with the legal things going on, we don't know what he did. I lost my boat. In saying that, I don't think there has ever been a show to watch the American dream unfold and watch it crumble at the same time. I can only speak to the 18 years of my career. Having red crab getting started, that's my bread and butter. I was always for the last 10 years the top contender."

The Deadliest Catch captain went from having the world as his oyster to having to depend on his closest friends and allies this season. He is thankful for Sig Hansen.

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'Deadliest Catch' Star Looks Ahead

He said, "I went from having the most King Crab to catch and having a nice platform  I built it with my own two hands to losing it all over a weekend. Of course, Sig is going to reach out because we are close. As fishermen and fisherwomen, the camaraderie is something special. It's a very honorable profession. Not just for Sig, but I think any one of us would do that for each other, even if we were an enemy. For Sig specifically, not that I expected him to take me in, but we both knew we'd had a tumultuous relationship. Without my boat, I'm not a threat to him anymore. I can only be an asset. Honestly, if you asked him I think he was, in a very small way, happy to have some of his team back again."

However, he's not giving up either. Anderson compared this season of Deadliest Catch to his Rocky Balboa moment.

Have you ever seen the movie Rocky? The one where he loses? That's Deadliest Catch Season 20 for Jake Anderson, man. I fought hard and fought well and did what I could. At the end of the day, I think got an E for effort and F because I still lost my boat at the end of the day. I've lost millions of dollars, but the truth is I'm not sad about it. I'm not that kind of person. I do have a temper. That does come from passion. At the end of the day, I told the public and they will see me tell them what I went through so they know it's okay. That you just pick up, lace up your boots and go out there again and hit it hard. That's what I'm going to do. That's what I've been doing and always done and why I'm where I'm at.