How Much Do Dalmatian Puppies Cost?

With the right family, Dalmatians make wonderful family pets. These active dogs have high energy levels, and if you are looking for an athletic dog, here's how much it will cost.

Who could forget the Disney classic, 101 Dalmatians? Yes, a Dalmatian puppy, or simply "Dal", is perhaps the most recognizable dog breed on the planet — thanks to being the super adorable star of the classic Disney movie.

A purebred dog, Dalmatians have a long history that spans back a few hundred years. Originally hailing from Croatia, these energetic dogs were once used as coach dogs, carriage dogs, and most notably as a firehouse dog — they were even once used as circus dogs. Today, they are just great furry companions for pet owners.

Facts About Dalmatian Dogs

dalmatian puppies cost

Strong and active, this spotted dog breed is the perfect dog for an active family. They also make really wonderful running buddies if you're a runner or hiker! Dalmatians are alert, bright, and loyal and can make dependable watchdogs and guard dogs. But this breed is not well-suited for the "couch potatoes" family — Dalmatians need plenty of exercise; they have endless energy and need lots of daily exercise, or these highly-active pups will become bored and therefore destructive.

The Dalmatian dog breed is a loyal and affectionate dog: they love attention and love to please, and along with being highly intelligent, makes these dogs easy to train, especially for obedience training. As with all dogs, early socialization is needed for Dalmatians to be well-adjusted pooches — given their headstrong nature, a lack of firm and consistent training will lead to out-of-control adult dogs — so make sure to train, train, train!

If you think the Dalmatian is the right breed for you and you want to bring one home, here's how much it will cost you in the United States.

How Much Does a Dalmatian Puppy Cost?

dalmatian puppies cost

While it depends largely on your location, the average cost of a Dalmatian puppy from a reputable breeder can cost you around $800 to $1500, give or take. Going to good, reputable Dalmatian breeders will typically cost you a bit more money but will make sure you get a high-quality Dalmatian pup — One that's been given the necessary vaccinations (always check for the proper paperwork!) and has been taken care of properly. This includes testing for common health issues and health problems in Dalmatians, like hip dysplasia and congenital deafness. To find breeders, the American Kennel Club (AKC) Marketplace is a good place to start!

The cost of going to pet stores and private sales for a Dalmatian puppy will be lower. They will cost an average of roughly $500, even going to the lower end of $300. However, pet stores are not a recommended option, as they are often associated with puppy mills.

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