Daiwa Zakana Casting Jig

Daiwa Announces New Zakana Casting Jig for Saltwater

The new Daiwa Zakana Casting jig is designed to versatile.

One can never have too many tools in their tackle boxes and Daiwa fishing tackle has been introducing a plethora of new products as part of this year's online ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) show.

In new addition to their line of products for saltwater anglers, the new Zakana casting jig is designed to be a versatile fishing lure for a variety of applications.

Here is the lowdown on this sharp-looking lure that Daiwa is hailing as a "do-it-all saltwater lure."

Daiwa says this new lure "bridges the gap between jigs and spoons." Fitted with sharp VMC 9626 treble hooks, the company says it will catch everything from snapper to redfish to bonito, tuna, yellowtail, jack, seatrout and more.

The body of the jig has a great, flashy look. Daiwa is releasing this jig in eight colors to help you match the baitfish that are being targeted. Colors include chrome, zebra glow, green gold, pink, Katakuchi, blue pink, silver and Maiwashi. The company is also offering the spoon in five different weights from .7 ounces to 1.4, 2.8, 3.5 and 4.6 ounces.

What makes Daiwa's Zakana casting jig so versatile is the number of different presentations that you can make with it. Daiwa says for shore and pier casters, the spoon can be worked like a jerkbait or topwater with a fast and erratic twitching retrieve. For anglers targeting suspended fish in deep waters, jigging the spoon vertically will allow you to pull big fish off deep structure.

Daiwa says the secret to the erratic action of this spoon that makes it different from other offerings is a horizontal line-tie and sturdy split-ring. The idea here is to extend that erratic, wounded baitfish action to the lure while it is sinking as well as while on the retrieve.

The Daiwa Zakana Casting Jig is already available online and the MSRP ranges from $7.99 to $11.99 based on size. Check out Daiwa's website for more information on it and the company's other new fishing products.

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