Daiwa Tatula 300

Daiwa Debuts New Tatula 300 Reel for Use with Heavy Lures

The new Daiwa Tatula 300 is made for big lures and big fish.

As the hunt for bigger bass leads to anglers throwing larger than normal deep-diving crankbaits and swimbaits, the need has arisen for larger, tougher baitcasting reels up to the task.

As part of this year's virtual ICAST (International Convention of Allied Sportfishing Trades) virtual events, Daiwa has announced the new Tatula 300, a reel built for just that purpose.

Here are all the details on this heavy duty fishing reel built specifically to fish big baits for the biggest fish in the lake.

A heavy reel for heavy lures.

The new low profile Daiwa Tatula is a 300-size reel with features specifically made for targeting and fighting larger fish. The first notable feature of this baitcaster is the bigger gears contained within the heavy-duty aluminum frame. Daiwa is making this new reel with gear ratios of 6.3:1, 7.1:1 and 8.1:1. It has one anti-reverse, five shielded and two corrosion resistant ball bearings to help further with operation working those big jigs, swimbaits and A rigs properly.

To facilitate easier reeling, Daiwa has incorporated a huge, 110mm handle into the new Tatula. They have topped the power handle off with soft touch knobs to make working big bass baits easier than ever before. It will also make battling larger fish less stressful when your hands are shaking with excitement and you have a larger surface to grip for more leverage.

This new baitcast reel also has a T-wing system level wind. This allows the angler to adjust the tension on the 43mm aluminum spool. This is important if you are casting in harsh wind conditions, especially with big baits that do not have the best aerodynamics in the world. Daiwa says this system also reduces annoying and time-consuming backlashes by reducing the line angle off the spool. By the way, that spool is made to hold both monofilament and braid.

The Tatula 300 TW also features a higher maximum drag setting than many similar reels on the market. Daiwa is calling it their "Ultimate Tournament Drag" system or "UTD." The max drag can be set all the way to 28.7 pounds. Impressive stuff for a 300 size reel.

Daiwa says the new Tatula 300 will have an MSRP of $249. See the Daiwa website for more information on their full line of fishing equipment.

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