Dad Shoots Deer

In Loving Memory, Dad Tags the Buck His Son Was Hunting

This is what hunting's all about.

For many hunters, we get so hung up on the harvest that we sometimes forget about what is most important in our lives. Sometimes it takes a traumatic life experience to put things into a deeper perspective. This haunting image is but one example of that. For years now, this image has circulated Twitter. It shows a man holding a piece of paper in the back of a truck with a big buck.

While this might not sound like anything special, what was written on the piece of paper will strike a heartstring for anyone who has ever gone through loss.

Just take a look at the emotional note and photo below and it should become obvious what we're talking about here.

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The picture is a little difficult to read, but it states: "Mylin, got your deer for you buddy. Love Dad"

The depth of emotion that was rushing through this father while hunting this buck had to be unbelievable. Shooting a big buck is always exciting but one with this kind of history behind it? That's something else entirely. Any time you lose a loved one is difficult. For parents it is especially hard. When you can find a way to preserve their memory through a hunt like this, it makes it even more special. We imagine this proud father thinks of his son every time he stares at that big buck up on the wall.

After researching the internet and trying various searches, I couldn't find any more details on the story. However, we like to imagine that this big buck helped significantly with the grieving and healing process for this man. It's the type of feel-good story we need more of in hunting today.