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A Wooden Spoon Thwarted This Mini Dachshund's Escape Attempt

If you're ever having difficulties with your dog, other pet parents probably are too. Whether you find it impossible to brush your dog's teeth or can't get your pup in the bath, every dog owner has been there. Luckily, pet people love sharing genius hacks as much as they like commiserating over problems—and we are 100% here for it. So, what do you do if your dog is displaying not-so-angelic behavior?

Many of the smartest dog breeds are known for pushing their boundaries and taking themselves for a walk. Some even act like the fence is an obstacle, and they are more than ready to meet that challenge. However, when fences fail, humans are left scratching their heads, trying to figure out a plan to keep their dog in the yard and out of the neighborhood.

One little dachshund proved to be quite the Houdini; she's so small that she can squeeze herself through the fence rails! The little escape artist is a miniature long-haired dachshund named Scouty Louise. In a video shared to her TikTok account, @scouty_lou_themini, the sneaky pup walks over to the fence like she's ready to bolt. Little does she know her pawrents have come up with a genius way to stop her.


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When Scouty Lou tried to slip through the fence rail, she bounced right back thanks to the wood spoon slipped under her harness. The little doxie was left wondering what had just happened. She even tried sticking her head through the rail again (but not as quickly as the last time). Finally, she sits and stares at her pet parents with a face that is clearly asking them who they think they're playing. She resigns to rolling around in the grass, suddenly feeling defeated. Her days of romping around the neighborhood are over!

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