CZ All-Terrain Series: Details on the Upgrades to This Distinct Shotgun Family

These CZ All-Terrain shotguns prove there is no design that can't benefit from some modern updates.

You might think, at this point in the timeline of firearms development, not much can be done to drastically change a double gun for the better. And you'd be wrong.

In 2019, CZ-USA introduced its All-Terrain models of 12- and 20-gauge shotguns to an understandable amount of fanfare.

The gunmaker, known for its excellent quality control and high standards for precision and fit, included two characteristics across the line, which currently includes 11 over-under and side-by-side models and one semi-auto shotgun.

Currently, all 11 CZ shotgun models have been given the All-Terrain makeover, including the Bobwhite G2 and the CZ 1012.

The Cerakote Treatment

First, the finish isn't like what you typically find or a sporting or competition double gun. The OD Green Cerakoting on the barrel(s) and/or receivers is partly what earns these guns their "All-Terrain" moniker.

This low-gloss, highly durable ceramic finish enhances the durability of these models that all hunters can appreciate, especially those who spend a lot of time in and near saltwater.

It also gives them a look very much apart from traditional blueing, especially when paired with traditional wood furniture.

All exposed metal parts on the All-Terrain shotguns is Cerakoted, even the screws.

Magnetic Chambers, and How They Work

The All-Terrain series also brings an excellent innovation to break-action shotguns: a Magnetic Chamber. The bases of most shotgun shells are actually made of sheet steel, which is often brass plated. That means, they're magnetic. There are several little, powerful rare earth magnets built into the extractor claws on the All-Terrain shotguns which hold loaded shells in place when the action is open, no matter what position the barrels are in.

Even if you manipulate the action part way, the ejectors can't overpower the magnets.

This is a big deal for hunters, especially waterfowlers, who hunt from blinds. Instead of pulling their gun into the blind to reload, they can keep the barrels pointed upward and reload like a hunter using a pump or semi-auto shotgun would. In other words, they can do so by swinging the receiver and stock up and down and leaving the barrels stationary, confident that their ammo won't simply fall out of the chamber.

They also generally serve to keep loaded shells in place when walking with a broken shotgun or while handling dogs or gear.

The CZ All Terrain shotgun models include:

  • CZ Bobwhite G2 All-Terrain 12/20 gauge
  • CZ Upland Ultralight All-Terrain 12/20 gauge
  • CZ Redhead Premier All-Terrain 12/20 gauge (28" or 30" barrel length)
  • CZ Drake All-Terrain 12 / 20 gauge
  • CZ 1012 All-Terrain 12 gauge

All models have an OD Green Cerakote finish with turkish walnut stocks, the Magnet Chamber (in break action models), extended choke tubes, 3-inch chambers, and sling swivels already installed on the studs. Most models feature a 28-inch barrel length (the Redhead Premier models are available with 30-inch barrels).

The break action models have single selectable triggers or dual triggers and all are ready to tag some birds, from turkey to grouse. The MSRP ranges from $815 to $1,159.

For more information on the CZ All-Terrain shotguns, go check out their website and watch for retail availability soon.