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Jeep Partnered With Super 8 to Make This Custom Jeep...No, Really

The motel chain Super 8 took cabin interiors to a whole new level with this custom-made Super 8 Jeep Wrangler.

At the New York Auto Show back in 2018, visitors got to peruse the latest vehicles ready to hit the market as well as concept cars that tapped into drivers' imaginations. Among those concept cars, there may not have been a bigger head turner than...wait for it...a Super 8 Jeep. That's Super 8, as in the motel chain. Yes, really.

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JK. As in Wrangler JK, not "Just Kidding"

Super 8 has apparently been celebrating some renovations and redesigns to its motel rooms across the country, and decided to partner with Jeep to debut an extremely unnecessary, but still pretty amazing Wrangler JK. The RoadM8, as it's been dubbed, was on display as a fully customized, road-trip ready concept car. The custom Super 8 Jeep comes complete with auxiliary lights, a roof rack, and outdoorsy-ish yellow, black and red trimmings.

Super 8 has been touting its $100 million renovation plan to its motel interiors nationwide, and the new Jeep takes inspiration from the project. Inside the Jeep drivers can see bespoke seats inspired by the new bed sheets (yes, seriously), and wood trim, which can be seen in the new rooms. Taking the renovation theme more literally, this Jeep JK Wrangler also touts a mini-fridge, coffee maker, artwork underneath the hood, and two Samsung tablets.

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