YouTube:Forgotten Weapons

Crummy Gunsmithing May Have Resulted in Worst AK Build Ever

This may be one of the biggest gunsmithing fails of all time.

Here at Wide Open Spaces, we have seen plenty of terrible gunsmithing jobs over the years. Some people simply have no business modifying or putting together a rifle from a kit and it usually shows in a blatantly obvious way. Many of the craziest modifications we have seen have been completely unpractical and potentially dangerous.

When it comes to AK-47s, plenty of horrific builds have surfaced on the Internet over the years, but the one YouTube channel Forgotten Weapons recently found may be in a class of its own.

From a distance, this 5.56mm AKS-47U Kinkov looks normal enough to the untrained eye. However, a closer look reveals a glut of mystifying, horrifying and downright dangerous modifications made to this rifle. This is a fail you simply must see for yourself to believe.

For those unfamiliar with Forgotten Weapons, Ian has had the chance to handle more types of firearms than most of us will see in a lifetime of shooting. He has inspected and shot some of the worst firearms designs on the planet. Ian has even handled homemade firearms hastily cobbled together in warzones from whatever materials the builders had on hand. So, for him to say this is one of the worst guns he has ever seen is quite the statement!

You do not have to be an expert gunsmith to see that those rivets look completely cobbled together and the barrel and gas block are a complete and total mess. The disturbing thing is that the gun has to be disassembled before many of these problems are more evident. Whoever worked on this firearm went completely nuts with a Dremel tool and apparently did not know where to stop. Not only are the Dremel marks sloppy, but they have compromised parts of this build.

This AKS-47U was dangerously close to turning into a hand-held bomb and it would not have been pretty for the operator holding it had it blown up in his or her face. They were lucky that the worst thing that happened when they shot it was the gas block flying off.

The greater lesson to be learned here is to always check someone's credentials and reviews thoroughly before trusting them to do any sort of gunsmithing work.

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