FN/Browning B25 Shotgun
YouTube:Forgotten Weapons

Check Out This Art Deco Shotgun with Forgotten Weapons

This isn't your average Browning shotgun!

When it comes to high-grade shotguns, you'll see plenty of guns with ornate designs. These designs tend to have similar engraving patterns or decoration on the sideplate, stock and fore end.

This is especially common with the over-and-under Browning B25. If you remember your firearms history, this was one of the last great designs by the legendary gun designer John M. Browning.

The B25 Forgotten Weapons is showing in this video is very different than others you may have seen in the past. Check it out.

We absolutely love the waves in the walnut stock and fore end of this gun. This design combines some of the best features of two great gun companies, Browning Arms Company and Fabrique Nationale.

All that detail of pheasants, pigeons and peacocks in the receiver was done by legendary engraver Felix Funken. If you've never heard of Funken before, we suggest doing a little reading and checking out some of his other works. The guy was truly an artist and Browning/FN Herstal firearms were his canvas. He usually engraved side-by-sides and over-and-under guns like the Browning Superposed. However, you'll also find examples of his work on other John Browning classics such as the semi-auto A-5.

It's easy to see why this art deco gun is in a Belgian museum. It's almost too pretty to shoot! To be fair, that unpadded butt plate may be a bit rough on the shoulder if you're in a long skeet match! If you want to see this gun in person, you'll have to travel a bit, though. It was created for the opening of a canal in Liege, Belgium, in 1939 and it has never left. Now it's a piece in the Liege Arms Museum there. If I ever visit Belgium, I'm adding a stop to that museum to see this piece in person!

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