Crossbow Bolt Through the Head Doesn't Stop 'Carrot the Magic Deer' From His Normal, Friendly Routine

"Carrot" the deer has managed to continue his normal routine after receiving a crossbow bolt through the head.

It's not uncommon to encounter relatively tame deer, ones that don't seem to mind human interaction and are more than happy to take food handouts.

What is uncommon is when the deer shows up with a crossbow bolt stuck through its head, and seems completely unfazed by it.

That's the situation that occurred in Ontario, Canada recently in Lee-Anne Carver's backyard, where "Carrot the Magic Deer" had frequented for years, ever since he was a young fawn.

From early on, Carver knew Carrot was a little different from other deer, as he was more than eager to approach for a snack and even endeared himself to the family's dog.

"He didn't hold the normal characteristics of a deer. It was something else and I can't explain it," Carver told CTV News.

However, earlier this month, Carrot showed up with another distinguishing feature: the bright green-tipped crossbow bolt stuck through his head.

Fortunately, the injury appears to be minor. The family saw no blood, and there seems to be no impact on major organs or blood flow.

"He's still completely affectionate, and forgiving — that big personality that he has that is so trusting," said Carver.

They called 911 and reached a representative from the Ministry of Natural Resources, who reassured the family euthanasia would be an absolute last resort due to the seemingly unfazed Carrot being able to continue his normal ways. The only method of removal for the bolt would be to tranquilize Carrot and temporarily move him to a surgical space to be operated on while under anesthesia.

Any hunter who's passed the required hunter safety courses would know this is certainly not an ethical, or even hopeful, type of shot to take on a game animal.

Keith Munro, a wildlife biologist with the Ontario Federation of Anglers and Hunters, said it's almost certain the person who shot the crossbow at Carrot did not intend to shoot him in the head. All the same, we couldn't help but notice there was no broadhead or field point attached to the bolt. Unless it fell off, someone improperly shot a bolt at least in the direction of the deer.

Munro has given the possible perpetrator the benefit of the doubt, but we're still slightly skeptical that this was a true accident. In either case, it's likely this was not the result of an ethical hunter following basic procedure.

So far it's unknown what will happen to Carrot, who has shown up at the Carvers' home about eight times since they first saw the bolt in his head. For now, he's served as inspiration for the surrounding community and beyond through the Facebook page Carver started in his name.

"It's a broader message to teach us," Carver told CTV News. "He's a unifier. With the current condition of the world, that's a real gift to the community, actually a gift everywhere. He's come to remind us that we belong to each other. We're all part of that same story."