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Cringe of the Week: Yet Another Cautionary Muzzleloader Tale (Not for the Squeamish)

Yet another story about a terrible muzzleloader accidentone of several that caused this gun to be discontinued.

A few months ago we came across a story of a hunter having a very bad hunting accident with the Savage ML10 .50 cal muzzleloader.

Well through that article and other social outlets, another story has began to surface that was from October of 2009 and involved the exact same gun.  A Winnipeg area shooter by the name of Trent Procter who works for Manitoba Hydro was sighting in his Savage muzzleloader rifle in a gravel pit and his life was drastically changed in a split second and it will leave you cringing.

Thankfully, after the gun exploded, Trent's hand is what took on the brunt of the damage instead of his face or eyes. The pictures are rather disturbing,


With the accident happening in October of 2009, Trent has had time to heal. His hand has healed as good as it could have, but there is for sure permanent damage, and that is no shock after seeing the pictures.

After numerous accidents similar to this one, Savage discontinued the the muzzleloader and stopped production in 2010.

Unsure of what actually caused this specific malfunction, there is only room to speculate. And before any readers begin to point fingers or throw uneducated insults, know that lives were changed by this incident and accidents happen every day.

In my opinion, I don't think there was a double load involved, but we probably will never know.

Either way, as hunters we know the dangers that can come along with the use of firearms. We wish Trent the best and we hope all of you don't find yourself in similar situations out there.

Be safe and shoot straight!

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