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The "Gorilla Crow" Has Arrived to Haunt Our Dreams Forever

This video made me laugh, and then I was a little disturbed by it as we have a murder of crows that hang out in the trees above my chicken coop area.

In all seriousness, I've read and heard from other chicken keepers that feeding crows helps to ensure they chase away hawks. You won't believe this (I didn't), but I literally have seen this with my own eyes twice! We have two crows that hang out and eat some of the chicken feed, and if they see a hawk they will chase it off!

So, when I saw this amazing viral video, I'm going with crow and not gorilla for this one. I'm so glad someone shared this so we know just how "scary" crows can be!

A close-up!

So, is this a gorilla crow?

This video of a crow is making everyone crazy and I can see why! Is this crow angry since they are typically hungry birds? Is this how the bird really feels? Maybe we should call it a "crowilla" which might be my new fave nickname for this video.

I'm no crow expert, but this one looks like it's "sunning" and has dropped its wings, making it look like a solid arm day at the gym. The YouTube description reads:

"Crow gorilla outside Parco shopping center in Nagoya, Japan. Keitaro told Newsweek that on first seeing the crow, he was shocked as it looked like a 'zombie'."

Would you showdown with this angry crow? Please leave us a comment below! 

This article was originally published June 28, 2019.

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