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Crazy Incident: Stray Bullet Connects with Lady's Arm Inside MLB Stadium

A night at the ballpark takes turn for the worse for this St. Louis Cardinals fan.

We all love guns, and many of us love baseball. But we don't love the two together. We usually don't even combine or discuss the two together. Until now...

A few weeks back, St. Louis police said a woman, 34, was sitting in her seat in Section 141 at Busch Stadium in St. Louis at about 9:40 p.m. when she felt pain to her arm. She removed her jacket and noticed a small abrasion to her elbow. She went to the first aid station, and workers there contacted an off-duty police officer working a secondary security job there, police said.

It was determined to be a gunshot wound from a shot that came from outside the stadium.

According to police sources, there had been a call confirming the firing of shots near 14th Street and Chouteau Avenue area moments before the fan was hit, and that the bullet may have come from someone shooting into the air, which leads them to believe this was the case.

Let this be another teaching point on the importance of not shooting a firearm in the air. Obviously, gravity exists, and that bullet must come down eventually. You may feel you are in a safe location, but science shows that bullet will come down somewhere. So please be smart.

According to the St Louis Dispatch a conversation with a fan sitting close to the victim gave us a little more insight. Below is that insight.

Todd Porter, 54, of O'Fallon, Ill., was at the game with his 13-year-old son, Christopher, and was seated directly in front of the victim. She suddenly said, "Wow, I think I've been shot," just as the eighth inning was coming to a close, Porter said.

"We thought she was joking, but everybody turned around and she showed me the blood coming down from her elbow," Porter said. "It looked real purple and red and it looked like there was a hole in her jacket."

The man who was sitting with the victim then said, "We need security, she's been shot," Porter recalled.

Here is the crazy part, the woman reportedly reached down and found the slug that had hit her under her seat. Confirming to her that it was what she thought it was and that it was actually a shot wound.

The news has seem to slip through rather quietly, but shockingly enough, it isn't even the first time someone in an MLB baseball game had been hit by a stray bullet from outside the stadium.

Luckily there was no life threatening injuries here, but doesn't change the fact that it could have been worse. St Louis Cardinals spend millions of dollars to improve security every year, but sometimes freak things like this just happen.

Like we said, guns and baseball just don't go together, and when they do, you can guarantee it is going to be a crazy story.

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