$15 Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Is the Perfect Gag Gift for Pet Lovers

If you know any cat lovers who love a good gag gift, this crazy cat lady action figure from Amazon is a great gift idea. Whether you're giving it as a housewarming present, a "just because" gift, or even for a birthday or Christmas, this funny gift will make the receiver say "meow."

This hard-vinyl crazy cat lady action figure is the perfect gift for any of your friends who think their feral felines are better than most people. Even better if they like figurines and collectibles. You can find this on Amazon or eBay with similar pricing. The customer reviews absolutely rave about this hilarious toy figure.

Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Multicolored, 8"

This Accoutrements Crazy Cat Lady Action Figure Set comes with six cats and one crazy cat lady in a window box designed to look like a house. The cats are considered small parts, so it's not recommended as a gift for little kids due to the potential choking hazard, but it makes for the perfect gift for anyone older. They'll get a kick out of this vinyl figure!

The crazy cat lady figurine looks the part, with messy hair, a wide-eyed stare, and a robe over her clothes. There's even a cat in one of her pockets and one wrapped around her neck, this gag gift is too funny! Any cat lover in your life will love this playset, whether they keep it in the box or take the pieces out. This Archie Mcphee Crazy Cat Lady is a perfect gift idea for anyone with the mindset of "I like my cat more than most people."

The back of the box has a hilarious quiz that tells you if you're a crazy cat lady or not. It's decorated to look like the back of the house, overrun with cats, of course!

If you're looking for some other cat lover gag gifts, you can also find crazy cat lady coloring books, bandaids, and board games on Amazon.

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