soaked boat
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Crazy Angler Keeps Reeling in Big Fish Despite Rough Seas

We'll set the scene for you: A charter boat and crew have hooked up with a nice fish and it's doing what big fish do. It swims off on a screaming run in the opposite direction. Here's where you find out just how experienced a ship's captain is, and how stout of a heart the crew has.

One lone angler at the stern is battling not only a large saltwater rig and high seas, but a big aggressive fish that won't be beaten. It's just that those high seas are swamping the boat he's in and hitting him right in the chest! With the cockpit filling and the crew up to their knees in seawater, this large craft handler looks to be all about catching up with the fish come hell or... well, you know the rest. The only question is, will there be any gear or people left on the boat before it goes under?

While there is really no telling what kind of fish they were fighting or what they were using for bait, it doesn't matter since the bigger part of the story was about whether or not the vessel would remain afloat. But that's a big game fisherman for you, he never stopped reeling and he never looked back!

When a large gamefish turns and runs away from the craft like that, the captain has very few options and the usual one is what you see here. Two things were amazing here: the amount of water crashing over the gunnels, and the stunning blue color of it.

One thing is for sure, we'll never forget the look on the face of that crew member as he looks back in wonder at the captain.

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