Indiana coywolf
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A Coywolf Has Officially Been Spotted in Indianapolis

The residents of southwest Indianapolis better be on watch. 

Rural Indiana is currently being overrun with coyotes.

So much in fact, coyotes are now present in most towns and cities. For the most part, they stick to themselves, take a pet now and then, and get into our trash.

However, it appears there's a new dog in town. Indiana Wildlife Management, a local business dealing with nuisance animals and wild animals alike, confirmed there is an Indiana coywolf presence on the southwest side of the city.

According The Smithsonian, a coywolf is about 25% wolf, 10% dog, and the rest is pure coyote. This whole mixture makes the coywolf about 50 pounds heavier than a regular coyote, or close to 100 pounds.

There are also a few other key differences between a coywolf and regular coyote. Coywolves also have longer legs, shorter ears, and also a bushier tail.

Whether or not these coywolves are going to become the new dominant wild canine in Indiana is yet to be seen. However, if their population spread throughout Canada and the Eastern US is an indication, they will. Seeing as this animal has the best of everything, they are adapt to hunting in woods, fields, cities, and also super smart. Thanks to evolution, they are pretty much the perfect coyote.

At this time, there is nothing for the residents of Indianapolis to be worried about. Coywolves are scared of humans, but aren't as skittish as their pure-bred cousins. If you see one, don't run. Instead, just slowly back away. It may not run away either, but attacks from these animals are incredibly rare.

Still though, I wouldn't want to be the first Indiana coywolf statistic.