Coyote Turkey
YouTube: The Hunting Public

Hungry Coyote Attempts to Steal Bowhunter's Hard-Earned Turkey

This coyote tried to get away with an easy meal!

One of the things that keeps us hunting is just how unpredictable it can be. One just never knows what's going to happen each time you head into the woods. As we have found many times before, it does not take much for nature to throw a curveball your way.

In this great video from one of our favorite channels, The Hunting Public, Josh Tatum is after a big longbeard with his bow in Kansas. It's a beautiful evening for a hunt as he finally makes a shot on a nice gobbler, from the ground without a blind at that.

However, pay close attention during this hunt. Because a little while in, you'll hear a coyote yipping and howling a little. That's just a little foreshadowing for what's to come later in the hunt as the sneaky predator tries to steal away an easy meal!

We know coyotes are fast at locating a kill, but that was ridiculous. That bird had only been dead a few minutes. Josh and Greg were only just starting to gather their things when the predator tried to get away with an easy meal. That coyote was probably lucky the bird flew to the other end of the field out of bow range before the Tom expired.

We know this is the coyote's nature, but it's a little bit frustrating when they try to steal your kill. I know first-hand after some ate part of the buck I shot last season. Fortunately, Josh was able to stop this rascally coyote and he got away with nothing more than a mouthful of feathers. We doubt those will settle the growling of his stomach. As those pained howls seemed to indicate after Josh recovered the bird. If that coyote wants a turkey dinner, he can catch his own!

As stressful as that was for a few brief moments, it made a fun hunt into a truly wild story to tell back at camp. We're guessing this one will be a lifelong memory for these guys. The only thing that makes it better is the fact they have the footage to re-live it over and over!

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