Coyote Jumps Atop Hay Bail Before Getting Smoked with a Suppressed VTR

Predator Pursuit plays king of the hill with a coyote on a hay bail. Spoiler alert, the coyote lost.

Predator Pursuit has provided us with some epic coyote kills on the Sportsman Channel for many years now. But this might be one of the coolest yet.

This coyote hears the Foxpro call and wants a quick meal. But apparently he needed to get a little higher than ground level to get a good look of where it might be coming from. And we are glad he did.

With a 22-250 Remington 700 VTR in hand suppressed with an AAC silencer can, Jeff Thomason pulls the trigger with the Leupold cross hairs centered on the chest and knocks the dog right off the hay bail in an epic predator hunting sequence.

Based off of Jeff's reaction, you can tell he knew he had just witnessed something pretty special, and something that he had never seen before. Another fawn killer down for the count. Didn't he know that hay is for horses?

And by the way, how sweet does the suppressed VTR sound?

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