5 Choices for Ideal Coyote Hunting Rifles

Here are five solid choices for a good coyote hunting rifle.

Coyote hunting is one of the exciting and challenging reasons we like to hunt in the first place. You can call them varmints if you want, but in most circles they're considered predators, probably because they are larger and more elusive.

It's said that any time we are hunting and we see a coyote, it automatically turns into a coyote hunt. While that's true, predator hunting, specifically targeting coyotes, has erupted in popularity in recent years.

The truth is, coyotes don't always make themselves into an easy target when we are set up to hunt them, and that's where a good, reliable rifle comes in. We should all know the basics to coyote hunting, because they are fairly simple. Setting those tips aside, we want to focus on how a good bolt action hunting rifle or modern sporting rifle (MSR) can stop a wily 'yote in its tracks before it knows what's happening.

Whether you are in flat country or hill country, taking long shots or from a shorter range, you still need to put the odds in your favor. A coyote gun doesn't have to be one the latest in high-powered hunting rifles, but instead just a solid gun that shoots a flat trajectory in a respectable caliber that is accurate and dependable. 

For those that are ready to set up, decoy, and call them in, here are some suggestions for firearms that can take care of the rest.

Ruger 77/22

The Ruger 77/22 is a wonderful rifle for those hunters that do not need all the extra power of the larger calibers. With the right cartridge, it is relatively flat shooting out to around 200 yards, and it'll really do a number on small game and predators.

It does all that without making as much noise as the higher velocity cartridges, which matters to hunters that are targeting coyotes near more populated areas.

Winchester Model 70 Coyote Light

The Model 70 Coyote Light from Winchester is a suppressor-ready gun chambered in the high efficiency .22-250 Remington cartridge, and is great for long-range shooting. This lightweight coyote rifle is simple to use and has plenty of power to stop yotes right in their tracks.

Savage Model 110 Predator

Equipped with Savage's vaunted AccuTrigger and AccuStock system, the shooter can adjust the trigger-pull weight as well as the stock comb height and length of pull, making it one form-fitting firearm. The Savage 110 is available in the excellent .223 Remington and the .22-250 Remington. It's quite popular among coyote hunters who like using cartridges with a high muzzle velocity, and that's pretty much all of us.

Smith & Wesson M&P 15 Sport II


The Smith & Wesson M&P Sport 15 II is a great rifle for hunters who want excellent accuracy and adjustability. It is available in all the common coyote calibers, and holds 30 rounds in its magazine.

The three-lug rail is there for mounting optics, and it is one of the more affordable guns in the platform that, while originally meant for tactical applications, has found a home in the gun cabinets of coyote hunters nationwide.

Ruger American Predator

The American Predator is available in .22-250 Remington, .204 Ruger, .223 Rem, .243 Winchester. This model features a one-piece scope rail, a moss green synthetic stock, and a few special features that promote some seriously tremendous accuracy.

It comes from the factory with basics like a magazine and sling swivel studs, but any buyer can also purchase higher round magazines, muzzle breaks, and even a buttstock shell holder, among other accessories. It's a great gun to get started with and customize to fit your needs.

Mossberg MMR Hunter AR-15

Here's a full camo, pistol gripped semi auto will fit right in on any coyote hunt, and the .223 Remington caliber rings in as a great choice to get the job done. There's room for an optic on the top rail, and it will accept standard AR magazines.

There are plenty of other good predator hunting firearms in most categories, including bolt-action rifles, semi-auto, or even lever-action rifles. A good coyote gun can and should double as a good bobcat gun, and be easily used to take out other varmints such as foxes, woodchucks, and even feral hogs when called upon.

With today's technology, some of the best rifles are as good from long distance as they are from close range. To properly hunt coyotes, you've likely got to be able to accomplish both.

A coyote hunting rifle should be fully capable of firing the kind of high-velocity centerfire ammo that will bring a smile to the face of coyote hunters everywhere.

When it's coyote hunting season in your neck of the woods, maybe one of these guns can help you on your objective.

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