Cox Automotive Sheds Light on Consumer Attitudes Towards Self-Driving Cars

How are consumer attitude towards the whole self-driving thing these days?

Cox Automotive has released a new study, titled Evolution of Mobility: Autonomous Vehicles, shedding light on consumer's attitudes towards self-driving vehicles.

Polling 1,250 consumers, almost 50 percent stated they would never purchase a self-driving vehicle with Level 5 autonomy, classified by mobility leader SAE International as inclusive of vehicles with no human operators, steering wheels, or pedals.

"There is a major opportunity, and a real need, for automakers and mobility providers to help educate consumers and further guide autonomous vehicles in their development," said Joe George, president of Cox Automotive Mobility Solutions Group. "Autonomous safety feature adoption will be critical in creating future autonomous technology advocates."

Other top-line figures include approximately 85 percent of participants reporting a preference towards being able to drive themselves, parried by 45 percent believing autonomous vehicles are less safer compared to two years ago, where comparable polling topped 64 percent of respondents surveyed.

To read the full report, with additional insights broken down by demographics, perceptions towards real-world testing, and more, visit Evolution of Mobility: Autonomous Vehicles