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Oklahoma Cowboys Come Together To Rescue Livestock From Floods

This is what a group of heroes looks like. When livestock needs to be rescued from flood waters, it is an absolute emergency and everyone needs to come together. We've all seen those haunting images when livestock are in terrible natural disaster situations and need the help of anyone that can get to them safely.

For the past few weeks, farmers in Oklahoma have been dealing with unprecedented floods, threatening to wipe out their ranches and livestock.  

Hundreds of cattle needed to be moved during the Oklahoma floods as they were literally under water. Dozens of cowboys came together to help out the community! They've been hauling livestock out of many sticky situations.

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News on 6 tells us, these cowboys have been using their own fuel, trucks, boats, and horses to get the animals to safety.

"This isn't a job for the faint of heart but these Oklahoma cowboys are taking it up because, when they saw people's farms and livestock started going underwater they felt motivated to help.

One of the cowboys interviewed expressed gratitude for all the people that jumped in,

"Guys we didn't know were just jumping into the water as we were pulling these cattle off of the island so we could haul them out by boat."

The pictures are worth a thousand words.

Dozens of Oklahoma cowboys showed up to help.

They have managed to save scores of animals and rescue livestock from ranches across the community. The high water destroyed many ranches and severe weather brought together many strangers across the midwest.

What do you think about these cowboys - thank goodness so many first responders came together to rescue the livestock. Share your thoughts below.

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