elk shed hunting
YouTube: Hushin

Could This Be the Best Day of Elk Shed Hunting Ever?

This guy was trying to pack out so many elk sheds that he almost didn't make it.

Shed hunting can be incredibly frustrating when it's slow. Perhaps there are higher expectations, or perhaps lower stakes subsequently create a shortage in patience. Maybe the fatigue that comes from walking mile after mile wears on a struggling shed hunter. But when you're getting skunked, it can really suck.

As seasoned shed hunters, members of the Hushin crew are no strangers to a tough day. This was not one of those days. In fact, this might be the best day anyone's ever had shed hunting.

Because elk antlers are so massive, you can consider one shed a colossal success. Well, these guys did much better than one ho-hum antler.

Watch the video below:

Can you imagine finding so many elk shed antlers that you actually have to leave some behind? When has that ever happened? How is that possible?

As excited as I would be to take all those sheds out, I don't think I could actually go through with leaving elk sheds behind, so props to these guys for being practical. Not only that, but it looked like he did manage to walk out of there with all the browns!

Martin scored a whopping 21 elk sheds before dumping chalks. Bridget walked out with another six antlers while Eric landed three, although one of them was really a broken-off piece of an antler. Either way, what a group effort!

Three people went shed hunting on foot and walked out with 30 in one day! Who can top this?

It's hard enough for me to find a whitetail shed on private land, let alone 30 elk sheds in a day on public land!