Russian yeti
YouTube: Вадим Гильманов

Camera Footage Stirs Up Russian Yeti Theories

I'm not saying I believe in a Russian yeti, but this is strange. 

A very bizarre video is making the rounds right now. What you are about to see is real, to the best of our knowledge. However, you can decide for yourself.

In a video that appears to capture something running across a snow-covered road, it leaves many to believe it is none other than a Russian yeti. According to sources, this video was captured near the Republic of Bashkortostan, located close to the Ural mountains.

Fast-forward to 0:45 to skip past the Russian banter.

A few things stand out to me in this video. First off, why do these Russians just randomly have their dash cam running in the middle of the night on some isolated road? Second, doesn't that creature in the video look sort of small? There's no doubt it's a humanoid thing... but it looks an awful lot like a kid.

Finally, the guys in the video are talking about a yeti! There isn't enough vodka on the planet to allow me to understand Russian, let alone speak it, but I think I can make out the word "yeti" a few times in their conversation. Then, we are expected to believe one just happens to show up? Hmmm.

Alright, your turn. Is this real? Let me grab another round of vodka and I'll really let you know what I think.