Watch How This Cougar Hunt In The Snow Ends!

Hunters Manage to Track Down Cougar Despite Fresh Snow

Some fresh snowfall made for some unique hunting conditions as well as an exciting cougar hunt in the snow!

A new dusting of snow can really put a new spin on hunting in a particular area, especially for predator hunting. These guys knew it was probably going to snow, so they were out bright and early the next morning to see what sort of tracks they could uncover in the fresh snow.

Rob ended up calling a mountain lion in with his predator call, which kicked off a pretty wild and exciting cougar hunt in the snow.

While he missed with his first shot, he was lucky enough to encounter the cougar again a short time later. His second shot wounded the cat, which quickly bolted into some thick cover. There is an abundance of cover in that part of the Pacific Northwest and it's not surprising the cat sought refuge there.

Rob wisely called for backup at that point, which is where the video picks up as Noble and Rob's dad join him on the search for the cat.

Watch the video to see how it all went down.

It would have been easy to declare the cougar as "lost" and give up on the search. However, they stuck with it and Rob ended up finding the cat again and finishing it off at extremely close range.

In case you were wondering, Rob was using a .270 Winchester on this hunt and ended up hitting the cat three times (he missed once) before taking it down. I'm not sure what ammo he was using of where exactly he ended up hitting the cougar with his shots, but they're clearly very tough animals. 

Following up a wounded cat in that sort of terrain had to be nerve-wracking, but I'm glad things ended well and they got their cougar. Nice work guys!

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