mountain lion

Cougar Frantically Comes in Hot to Decoy in Intense Encounter


Calling in a mountain lion like this during the daylight is rare, but absolutely incredible!

Ever since I was a child, I've always loved watching wildlife documentaries on the National Geographic Channel and reading books on different wildlife species. The mountain lion has always been one that's intrigued me more than any other.

Stealthiness, power and intelligence make it one of the most fierce predators to roam our planet. Those characteristics, as well as their nocturnal nature, give the mountain lion a mysterious lure that fascinates people.

Now imagine sitting on a coyote hunting stand with the call running and this happens. What an incredible encounter this hunter will never forget!


Cougar Comes in Hot!

You don't witness this very often! What an encounter!

Posted by Predator Hunting Mania on Tuesday, March 6, 2018

I've never witnessed a cougar in the wild, but I hope I do someday. Curiosity definitely could've killed the cat here, as the cougar hung around trying to figure out why the call and decoy didn't taste like it sounded.

Either cougars weren't in season, or this hunter didn't have a tag, so this predator got a pass. The big cat lives another day.