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5 Cooler Lid Lights for Summer Bonfires

A cooler lid light is a small and inexpensive gadget that can make a huge difference; just imagine all the times you've stuck your hand in a dark cooler to rummage around the ice for your drink of choice.

Whether you're on a camping trip, throwing a BBQ in your backyard, or tailgating, having a quality ice chest is an important part of your equipment. If you want to take it to the next level, it's time to start thinking about some cooler accessories that will make yours the best cooler on the block.

A cooler light not only adds to the overall functionality of your cooler but really bumps up the presentation of the drinks you have. Imagine some LED lights submerged in ice, illuminating all the different types of cold drinks to choose from. Much better than taking your chances sticking your hands in a cold box of ice, only to emerge with a drink you didn't really want, right?

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Coolers to Consider

Our friends at Wide Open Eats rounded up top-rated coolers with wheels to make your life easier this summer. With a hard cooler that rolls, you can fill it up as much as possible without worrying about having to lift a heavy cooler full of ice and cold drinks.

Coolers with wheels are worth every dollar for convenience. They also found their favorite portable freezers for road trips. Take meat, produce, and even ice cream out to the campsite this year.

Best Cooler Lights

1. Coghlan's Inside Cooler Lid Light

This lightweight cooler lid light is perfect for any camping cooler, tackle box, or toolbox. It has an auto-on and auto shut-off feature, and it's some of the best pricing for a cooler light on the market. It's rated as Amazon's Choice for a cooler lid light, so you know thousands of others have bought and enjoyed this product!

2. StarBright Cooler Light - A Waterproof, Rechargeable Light

This rechargeable cooler light is perfect for any use: soft coolers, YETI coolers, and camping coolers. It's water-resistant and can be submerged in water for up to six hours. It also offers two color options: white for tailgating and red for hunting or fishing or other instances where you don't want night vision compromised.

3. SIRUITON 2 Pack LED Cooler Light

These LED light strands are perfect for making your cooler pop during a tailgate or party. You can arrange these string lights however you want to display your ice chest best. It uses AA batteries for easy on-the-go charging, and the LED lights work for up to 36 hours at a time.

4. Black Anchor Universal LED Cooler Light with Auto On/Off

This water-resistant LED light is perfect for mounting to any hard shell cooler, like your YETI, RTIC, Igloo, or Coleman. It mounts with two stainless steel screws and features an auto-on and off sensor. It takes two AA batteries for long-lasting life, up to 72 hours of light between replacements.

This cooler light has a one-year warranty, so if your product is damaged at all, they'll help replace or refund it.

5. Brightz Coolerbrightz LED Cooler Light Rope

This light strand is the perfect way to add a bright pop of color to your cooler. Customer reviews said it made for a great gift and really livened up the cooler at a tailgate or beach party.