Conquering the Survival Fishing Challenge

If you were lost in the forest with no artificial bait or minnow bucket, could you locate your own source of live bait from your surroundings? If you aren't sure, why don't you take the survival fishing challenge?

I'll admit that the name of the video is a little misleading. After all, not too many people are lost and placed in a survival situation with a rod and reel. However, the techniques for finding live bait is right on the spot.

As I said, you are rarely caught in a survival situation with the tools our host has. However, if you can't perform the same process he does with the same tools, then you will be in trouble in an actual survival situation. Start with learning to locate live bait in nature.

Once you've managed to accomplish this task, you can then move on to doing the same with just line and creating your own pole. Continue to move into realms where you are able to catch fish with bait, pole and line created or found in nature.

Are you ready to start your Survival Fishing Series?