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Planning to Bug Out? Here's How to Make a Fishing Pole, Build a Shelter, and Set a Trap


Learn how to catch some food and build a shelter to retreat to if you are caught in a survival situation. 

One of my favorite sayings in the wilderness survival world is, "Survival is easy, just don't die." It is the truest saying I have ever heard, but almost impossible if you don't have the skills to make it through.

You need three main things to make it through roughly unscathed from the wilderness: water, food, and shelter. Today we are going to focus on the food and shelter.

If you are stranded somewhere near a abundant water source fish will be your main food staple. If you have the skills typically fish traps are the best way to go about catching fish, but if you have or can scavenge the supplies a fishing pole is super easy to make.

If there are no water sources large enough to have any type of fish population you will have to turn to going after birds or small mammals. Traps are the key here as you probably won't be super successful with trying to spear small game or have the ability to drop large game.

One of my favorite traps is the Arapuca live bird trap. It is basically a cage made from different sized sticks that is held together by two pieces of cordage. While it was designed for birds they can work well on rabbits and squirrels is made correctly.

Check out the process below.

Before you head out with your fishing pole or start making a few of the Arapuca traps for food you are going to want to build a shelter. You can go a pretty good bit without food, but a shelter is a must for getting out of the elements or staying warm.

The easiest shelters you can build are debris shelters. They can be made quickly out of fallen branches and dead leaves. If built carefully they can be pretty much waterproof, and if built small enough capable of trapping your body heat.

By getting out and practicing these basic techniques you can greatly increase your chances of surviving any situation you may find yourself in out in the wilderness. Beyond these you also need to learn how to make some sort of friction fire and most importantly how to purify water for drinking.

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Planning to Bug Out? Here's How to Make a Fishing Pole, Build a Shelter, and Set a Trap