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Humans at Risk After Confirmed Cases of Canine Brucellosis

Zoonotic diseases are no joke. As a certified vet technician, I know them all.  Animal disease classes were spread out throughout the vet tech program and there was a lot of redundancy for a reason. The specific diseases that can harm humans were discussed at great lengths including canine brucellosis and rabies.

These diseases can spread quickly which is why animals are immediately quarantined when they do occur.

Staff note: This news alert will be updated if more cases are announced in the coming weeks.

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The Iowa State Veterinarian confirmed "multiple" cases of canine brucellosis. 

According to the Washington Post, 

"A small-dog commercial breeding facility in Marion County, Iowa, is the source of "multiple cases" of a canine disease that can be transmitted to humans, the state's agriculture department said."

Brucellosis a zoonotic bacterial disease, meaning an infected animal can transmit it to humans and other animals through contaminated reproductive fluids. The threat to most pet owners is considered very low. 

Humans will experience flu-like symptoms.

CNN tells us, 

"AHeinz57 Pet Rescue & Transport Inc., an animal rescue organization in De Soto, Iowa, has quarantined 32 dogs purchased at an auction from a breeder while they undergo testing."

The Pet Rescue & Transport have not received any results yet and closed their shelter building for the next 30 days as a result. Here's the Facebook post and more details can be found here. 

According to an Iowa State University fact sheet on the disease, you should do the following:

  • They suggest protective clothing, including gloves and masks, for anyone handling reproductive tissues and assisting with the delivery of newborn puppies
  • Wash your hands after any interaction with the dogs

Human infection is rare and it truly requires close contact with those infected. Other signs may be back pain and joint pain.

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