deer bone tattoo
Image courtesy of Aaron Deter-Wolf

Would You Commemorate a Deer Harvest with a Deer Bone Tattoo?

A deer bone tattoo is a lifelong commitment but could be a really neat way to commemorate an amazing hunt.

There are tons of different ways to commemorate a great hunt. There are always hunting photos, you can video record your own hunt, you can mount your harvest after a successful hunt, or you can even make game calls out of part of the animal you've harvested. But now we may have found the most hardcore way to forever memorialize a hunt; with a deer bone tattoo.

While a deer bone tattoo does sound like an amazing way to remember a hunt forever, we don't really recommend that you try giving yourself one of these tattoos. Any time you stick something foreign in your skin you are risking disease and infection and when that implement is the bone of another recently living animal, those chances are even further increased. If you do decide you need to do this, consult with a professional to find out how to ensure your safety.

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