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Make Your Shotgun Camera Look Even Better This Season

shotgun camera
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The folks from Tactacam want you to step up your shotgun camera game and they are offering you some advice on exactly how to do it. 

Earlier this week, we had a look at a few ways you can improve your self-filming during a bow hunt.

Now Tactacam has decided that the people hunting with a shotgun camera could stand to improve their camera work as well and so have decided to offer a little more advice before you start trying to film your own hunts.

The implement may have changed but the fact that still holds true here is that if you want to have really good self-filmed hunting footage you have to practice with your setup.

Practice actually taking shots and following through and then go watch the video. See what you did right and wrong and then try to fix it for the next round.

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Make Your Shotgun Camera Look Even Better This Season