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Colt Revolver Lands $1.84 Million at Rock Island Auction

colt revolver lands 1.84 million dollars

What's the most you would pay for a revolver?

One very rare revolver set a record at the Rock Island Auction.

Watch as a Colt Revolver lands $1.84 million in this epic auction footage.

Sale of the Only Known Cased Civilian Colt Walker Revolver

Sale of the only known cased Civilian Colt Walker revolver. UPDATE: A new world record at $1.84 MILLION!!

Posted by Rock Island Auction - Collector Firearms on Friday, April 13, 2018

The revolver in question was the only known, cased, civilian Colt Walker Revolver. Bidders were anxious to get this major safe queen into their personal collections. When all was said and done with fees, the price totaled at 1.84 million dollars. Chump change, right?

How deep are your pockets when it comes to collectible guns?

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Colt Revolver Lands $1.84 Million at Rock Island Auction