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Colorado’s Cheesman Canyon is More Than a Fly Fishing Trip

For those that know, Cheesman Canyon is a top fishing destination. 

Most everyone who fly fishes knows that in order to find the best fishing, it pays to get away from the crowds. In some of the more popular fly fishing spots around the country, fly shops, towns, or tourist traps tend to be very close by to gold medal waters. That could not be farther from the case when it comes to Colorado’s Cheesman Canyon.

Cheesman is one of the true trout fishing gems on the South Platte. A 30-minute hike is required to even get to it, but once you are there, some of the most technical and rewarding trout fishing awaits.

Don’t just take our word for it, the guys at Trouts Fly Fishing really break down just how special this fishery is.

“Cheesman Canyon has long been the favored fishery for all the staff and guides at Trouts Fly Fishing,” Trouts Fly Fishing wrote in the description for this video. “Whether it be the miles of hike access only river, the majestic canyon scenery, or the challenging fishing, a day in Cheesman Canyon is one of the best ways to experience Colorado with a fly rod in hand.”

Put your walking shoes on, make the hike, and fish Cheesman Canyon yourself. It will be an experience you will never forget.



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Colorado’s Cheesman Canyon is More Than a Fly Fishing Trip