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Colorado Wolves Add Backup Vocals to Folk Band [VIDEO]

 A folk group performing a song in Colorado showed off the ultimate backup vocalists – a pack of howling wolves.

Forget Auto-Tune – this is about as natural as music gets.

In a new video, Arkansas group Shawn James and the Shapeshifters step inside a Colorado wolf sanctuary to cover the song “American Hearts,” originally by A.A. Bondy.

At the first verse of the forlorn tune, including the phrase, “we were raised by wolves,” the canine crooners join in with their own mournful cries, nearly drowning out the band.

According to a Reddit thread where the clip was posted, the band came up with the idea for the music video while on tour for the release of their new album, “The Wolf.” While staying with a couple in Fort Collins, Colo., they visited a private wolf sanctuary, and with the owner’s permission, the band was allowed to film the impromptu music video inside the wolves’ enclosure.

The haunting howls of the wolves may be the highlight, but the video is visually stunning as well. The Colorado forest, the falling snow, and the wolves stalking among the trees in the background make for a spellbinding venue that a studio might pay top-dollar to recreate indoors; although the mandolin player’s nervous looks at the apex predators indicate they’re definitely not filming in front of a green screen.

The song caps off with the singers howling themselves, although the wolves seem unwilling to join in at that time.

Seems they’d prefer the band stick to covering only human songs.

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Colorado Wolves Add Backup Vocals to Folk Band [VIDEO]