Wouldn't It Be Annoying if Cats Said 'Mom' Instead of Meow?

What if cats said 'Mom' instead of 'meow'? Cole and Marmalade bring this scenario to life, and make us pretty glad our cats don't speak words after all. 

When your cat wants something, he usually meows at you to get your attention. Maybe his food dish is empty, or he wants to play, or he wants to go out. Or maybe he's just decided that you've slept long enough and it's time for you to get out of bed and feed him. Sure, cats meowing at you at inconvenient times can be annoying - but can you imagine if cats said 'Mom' instead?

Well, Cole and Marmalade can, and they've brought that very scenario to life for you so you can see it, too. Suddenly your fur kids are a whole lot more like your actual human kids, and there are even more beings in the house calling you Mom!

Take a look.


Part of the benefit of having cats is that they don't really talk back to you like human kids do. Sure, they give you plenty of attitude and let you know when they want something, but they won't really give you an earful if they're mad that you tell them to clean their room or do some other chores.


But if cats said 'Mom', that would all change, wouldn't it? Yes, there are plenty of times when I wish my cats could tell me what's wrong, such as when they're sick. But do I really want them to be able to speak using human words? I'm not so sure.

What do you think? Would you like it if your cats could speak words? Let us know in the comments.

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