Cockatiel Sings 'If You're Happy and You Know It' and Really Gets into It

Cockatiels are known for being happy birds, and this little guy can't help but sing about his great mood.

As a type of parrot, cockatiels are talented mimics. They learn a lot simply by listening to the sounds around them, and many surprise their owners by randomly breaking out into song.

Some learn how to talk and love to show off their vocabularies, but more often, pet cockatiels vocalize by whistling fun little tunes. Sometimes they make up their own songs, and these smart birdies are more than capable of getting every note right in well-known tunes.

This one-year-old bird is a perfect example. After listening to "If You're Happy and You Know It" only a few times, he now knows the song by heart. His owner catches him on video gleefully whistling his new favorite song, and the musical bird can't help but get into it. He even gets the clapping sound effects and head bobs right.


Not every cockatiel is interested in learning to whistle specific songs. If you want to try and teach your pet bird to join the choir, the key is repetition. You'll have the most success if you whistle the song to your bird several times a day.

That's why many pet birds learn television theme songs without their owners trying to teach them. The birds listen to the song every day while their owners watch TV, and eventually, the song sticks. Try whistling to your bird to see what kinds of songs they'll start singing.

Does your cockatiel know any songs? Let us know in the comments.

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