Cockapoos: History, Breed Variations, And More!

Looking for a furry friend, but are worried about pet dander? Check out the cockapoo!

The cockapoo dog breed is an adorable blend of a cocker spaniel and a poodle. The Cockapoo is a designer dog that is known for being a fantastic companion dog and for being hypoallergenic. However, these hybrid dogs are not recognized by the American Kennel Club as an official dog breed. Let's take a look at what makes these friendly dogs the perfect family dog.

Cockapoo Breed History

According to the American Cockapoo Club, the cockapoo dog breed has been around for quite some time. They were an accidental breed creation in 1960 in the United States, which is why the designer dog breed is known as a crossbreed; an American cocker spaniel and a poodle are generally the two breeds that make up the pup.

However, if you breed an English Cocker Spaniel and a purebred Poodle, the puppies will be known as spoodles. While breeders are trying to get the cockapoo recognized as its own breed, they are also trying to separate spoodles from general cockapoos.

Cockapoos are also known as a cockerpoo or a cock-a-poo. The size and weight of a cockapoo will depend on the parent breeds. If the poodle parent is a standard poodle, the cockapoo will larger while if it is a toy poodle you will end up with a much smaller dog.

Types of Cockapoos

There can be quite a range in size for the cockapoo breed. It all depends on the poodle mix, which is something to keep in mind if you are hoping for a small dog versus a larger dog. A miniature cockapoo is the result of a toy poodle and a cocker spaniel. These mini puppies can be as little as five pounds. If you are looking for a teacup or teddy bear cockapoo, there are some breeders of adult dogs that are as small as two pounds.

A middle-of-the-road cockapoo is around 15 pounds and is a mix of a cocker spaniel with a miniature poodle. Maxi Cockapoos can weigh up to 65 pounds and are the combination of a standard poodle and a cocker spaniel. These larger pups are also known as standard cockapoos.

Personality & Grooming

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Cockapoos' colors change based on their parent's coat colors and can have quite the variation. Cockapoo puppies can be black, white, brown, red, tan, blonde, sable, or a wonderful combination of colors. Their fur type is also hard to pin down, as it all depends on their parents. A cockapoo dog can have a wide variety of fur types. Their coat can be anywhere from short or long, straight or curly, or somewhere in between.

Cockapoos need regular brushing, but they do not need the constant grooming that a poodle does. They also do not necessarily need to be trimmed. They are a low-shedding dog that does not need to be taken to the groomer as often as their poodle parent. Their fur can have matting, which will need to be removed as well as any other debris that may get trapped in their fur. If a potential dog parent has allergies, then a cockapoo may be the best pet, since they do not have as much allergy-producing dander as other pets.

The cockapoo temperament is sweet and sociable making them a great family dog. Poodles are known for their trainability and good nature, so positive reinforcement and socialization from a young age will go a long way with these dogs. Cockapoos are meant to be a companion dog, so they can suffer from separation anxiety and are meant to be family pets living inside the home and taking part in their families day to day lives.

Health Problems & Lifespan of Cockapoos

Cockapoos are known to have some health issues. Like many other dog breeds, they can suffer from hip dysplasia and cataracts. Some pups can suffer from luxating patellas. The luxation or dislocation can happen at the kneecap, which will need to be treated by a vet. However, each dog is affected by the condition differently. Some may not have any effects, while others may be in quite a bit of pain and require surgery.

It is also common for them to get ear infections due to their floppy ears. To prevent infections, your cockapoos ears should be cleaned once a week.

Since cockapoos are small dogs, they have a longer life span and can live between 14-18 years. Some pups have even been known to live well into their 20s!

Diet & Activity Level 

According to the Cockapoo Club of America, correct care of a cockapoo starts during puppyhood. They should be fed high-quality food and get plenty of exercise. Depending on their size, their energy level can vary. Standard cockapoos are more high-energy and will need a little more exercise than smaller cockapoos. No matter what their size, cockapoo dogs need daily exercise — Ideally, it should be around 20 minutes of exercise a day.

Playtime and mental stimulation are very important for these smart pups. For Maxi Cockapoos, the more exercise the better. If they sit for long periods of time, they may start to misbehave and find less than desirable ways to use up their energy.

How to Get a Cockapoo Dog of Your Own

To get one of these designers pups for your family, you can go through a cockapoo breeder or through a cockapoo rescue. Make sure you find a reputable breeder, by checking with the American Cockapoo Club.

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