clutch field liner k3 jacket
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Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket: A Review of the Eco-Conscious Insulated Layering Option

We got the chance to take a close look at the Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket.

If you haven't heard of it, the new Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket from Beyond Clothing deserves some attention. This is a soft-shell, breathable liner that is meant for (and excels at) layering, but I found it suited me for everyday wear, too.

The Clutch Field Liner K3's 20-denier mechanical stretch nylon ripstop softshell is durable and wind and water resistant with a soft DWR (durable water-repellant) finish. Inside, the jacket includes Primaloft Black Bio insulation, which is a unique biodegradable synthetic down made from 100% post-consumer recycled content. It makes has a collarless and hoodless design, allowing for low-profile application and none of that bulky stacking on the back of your neck.

The Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket pulls its inspiration directly from classic 1960s U.S. Military field jacket liners to create an updated and modern look.

Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket

Clutch liner K3 jacket

Craig Raleigh

From top to bottom, the K3 is meant to be streamlined and have a no-frill design specifically for layering. It does that really well, and fits like a glove. It's comfortable as heck and when you're done wearing it, it packs up easily and out of the way. All the extra pockets work great and aren't bulky like they are on some other jackets I've worn.

For my experience, this wears well for those late spring or early fall days when the sun is shining but the temperatures still aren't there yet. Honestly, it will keep you warm even into the deer season in some parts of the country, which would make it a perfectly acceptable hunting jacket. 

It is tough, wind breaking, tear resistant, and looks pretty great on its own. It fits like a glove under other larger items and doesn't weigh you down. It's only 12 ounces, so how could it? 

It stays very quiet, which is a big plus for hunters, and I even used it inside of my lightweight waders while moving about just fine without a problem at all. It would have been a plus if it were totally waterproof, but with that would come compromises in breathability and weight. The Black Bio insulation is water repellant and stays warm when wet, which is a major plus. I liked the balance, I just wouldn't ever want to be caught in the rain with just this jacket. That's not what it's meant for, and instead can work as part of a system and worn underneath weather protective layers.

clutch field liner k3 jacket

Beyond Clothing

Besides the durability of the oversized quilted stretch on the jacket's outer layer, I really like two zippered side-stretch gussets on the left and right torso. That gives me easier access to things around my waist, and could come in handy for someone a bit larger who needed a more custom fit.

Any good layering item of this type will let perspiration out while retaining heat. This is one thing that the Clutch Field Liner K3 Jacket does quite well.

The zippered patch hand pockets are adequately sized and, as a layering piece, this fits into my system quite nicely. As the cold weather arrives in my neck of the woods, I'm thankful I have this to layer up.

Beyond Clothing

The Beyond Clothing system has many outerwear items for women as well including soft shell jackets, pullovers, parkas, ultralight jogging pants, polar bibs, and even t-shirts. 

One overlooked piece of information about the Beyond line is their System Builder option. This is their own unique way of building clothing "designed to optimize human performance in the worst climatic conditions."

In this way, the buyer can purchase layering based on their own experiences and thereby have exactly what they need, when they need it.

As Beyond Clothing likes to say, "Our products may look like clothes, but they're quite a bit more than that: they're tools, gear crafted to work together as a system of layers." That can be the difference between growing cold and going home, or staying warm and dry on the trail.

Like the best outdoor apparel brands, Beyond Clothing understands that moisture management is the key to creating a way for sweat to escape up and out of your system to get you dry in a hurry.

Since Beyond's years of development stretches all the way back to 1996, they have the necessary experience and technology to keep you protected from nature's way of becoming unpredictable at a moments notice.

The Beyond brand also is committed to global responsibility with its many meaningful initiatives such as Operation Hive, their bee pollinator program. They are also committed to sustainable production advocacy including using compostable and recyclable packaging.

These are the kinds of initiative thinking processes that outdoorsmen can get behind more and more.

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